What our clients say

Operations Administration
Outback Stores
As part of  my role as Operations Administration Officer with Outback stores I was tasked with the responsibility of organising the 2010 &  2011 Annual store manager conference held in Alice Springs.

During this time I used the services of “Stickers and Stuff” and  ordered a range of products including Trophies, Caps, Compendiums and Computer satchels.

I found their service to be outstanding,  the orders have arrived on time and products were exactly what I ordered. I highly recommend  them to anyone.


 Dr. Lyn Fasoli
Associate Professor Indigenous Early Childhood Research
Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

"Stickers & Stuff are great to work with, especially for complicated projects with lots of detail. They understand the need to get it 'right' and spare no effort."


 Kelly Hoffmann
Coordinator Community Education & Marketing
Relationships Australia

"Well I can definitely say they are very flexible and understanding of the short timelines that we sometimes have. They have also been great with giving us fresh ideas and always happy to get multiple quotes for us, with it ever being too much trouble. The products are available in many colours and price ranges and of good quality."


Amity Community Services Inc.

"Thanks for your great customers service, you always have a friendly manner, go out of your way to find the right product for us and ensure delivery is within the timeframe promised. Great working with you."